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Asgardian Heathen Festival 2016

Hey you lovely folks! I’m at the Asgardian Heathen Festival this weekend, selling Mead to the good Heathen folks. The question ‘Do Heathens like Mead?’ Should most definitely feature up there with ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ and do bears poo in the woods?’  I’m sure you can guess the answer! 😀 (The other table was full yesterday!)

Mead at the Grapevine Brew House

We have an ever expanding selection of Meads available from the…

Why is Mead so popular?

Mead! Why is Mead so popular amongst certain groups of people?…

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Customer Reviews of MoreMead!

I’ve had a fair bit of mead, and More Mead are absolutely amazing! Loki’s Tears the blackberry mead, in particular, I found just unspeakably divine – a true taste of the Gods! Also loved the passion, knowledge and enthusiasm clearly evident in the whole enterprise, when I encountered More Mead at the Dumstock Festival. Thank you so much! Can’t recommend too highly.

S V Wolfland

Recently bought some of the delicious ginger mead while you were in Conwy. I came back on the Sunday and was sad to find you weren’t there because one bottle isn’t going to last very long!

D Evans

Just opened the bottle of Raspberry Mead I bought from the lovely Bob at the Steampunk Spectacular in Swindon last month. Fantastic drink and it makes such a satisfying glug as its poured, a top tipple indeed.

J Sturgess

A fantastic selection of meads, the heather honey is surely the drink of the Gods! Such a passionate owner too, he even taught me how to clean my horn, and you don’t get advice like that everyday! Skol!

R Davies